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"I first caught the first incarnation of Village Idiots back in the summer of 1995 playing a D.I.Y. show in Calauan, Laguna. back when D.I.Y. meant the kids in the provinces had to do everything by themselves - look a venue to play, find the cheapest equipment they can find (cheap meant crappy).

Fast forward to 2003, Village Idiots had access to better equipment, but still were crappy (in a nice way) hahaha - they came out with "Needle(s)s To Say", a 10 song cd which reflected the teen angst heartaches of these fine scrawny gentlemen.

After their last hometown show Lakefest 2010, Village Idiots are back with a vengence with "Grip" - a 5 song EP of their signature heartfelt fastpaced pop-punk tunes.

Get a grip and don't let go. merong forever sa Village Idiots".

Agee Liñan
Thought Market Zine
January 16, 2017


Fantastic! you didnt stick to the original, pinasaya nyo yung song thats what i like! You gave it your own stamp! alright! Galing guys! Regards to the band, you fuckin nailed it! Gud job boys! IM SATISFIED.

Jesus "Rotten" Espiritu
Philippine Violators


released January 16, 2017

All songs produced by: Village Idiots
All songs written by: Village Idiots except for track 5
by Jesus “Rotten” Espiritu of Phil. Violators

Recorded last Dec. 4, 2016, Jan. 7 & 13, 2017
Recorded at: Monopond Recording Studio
Mixed and Engineered by: Ron Francisco
Cover Art by: Darwin Dollente Dacanay

Jade Fandino - Vocals/Guitars
Ebong Linan - Guitars
Topet Armiendo - Bass
Jhay Villegas - Drums

Jeroze Reyes - Back Up Vocals on Track 1, 2, 3, 4
Ebong Linan - Back Up Vocals on Track 2, 3, 5

Thanks to: Ron Francisco of Monopond for making our songs bearable to listen, Jesus Rotten of Phil. Violators for allowing us to cover “Data Girl”, Jeroze of Walk Me Home for lending to us awesome backing vocals, Darwin Dacanay for the cd art cover, Riz of Unite Asia for the feature, Agee of Thought Market Zine for the write up, Villegas residence for the free food & band rehearsal, Mark of Nonentities for using his parking space



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Village Idiots Manila, Philippines

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Track Name: Breathe In
every single moment i can hear
screams and whispers behind my ears
i can no longer bear what i see
this loneliness is killing me

i can't listen
it's pouring down on me
i can't breathe in
it's falling hard on me

time to re-asses my adult life
suddenly you're missing who's left behind
learn to appreciate what you have
before you know, it's no longer in your hands

embrace everything
nothing last longer as it seems (2x)
Track Name: Sight
do i care
even if you're here
i don't mind
being so unkind
told myself
not to try my luck
coz honestly i don't give a fuck!

you're not authorized
dont need you in my life
stay away from my sight
you're not allowed
don't want you here around
you're only making my hopes high

did i tell
that i'm just playing games
all those times
when you're with my side
did you bought
all my stupid lies?
but in the end, i'm the one who cries!
Track Name: Grip
we used to think
that we can never work it out
way beyond our reach
but look at us now
we're stuck and meant
to see the reasons why we're still here now

don't loose your grip
everything will fall into place
need you to trust me now

our kids are young
but old enough to understand
the problems we both have
i'll ignore
the thought of leaving you
then find myself living on my own

when you're in fear
i'll be there to remind and make it happen
sounds crystal clear
yet things can quickly change in a sudden
Track Name: Worst
what's there to know
everybody is talking about it
doesn't hurt not to know
well we can try
we can just learn how to accept it
then live the life that we love

coz lately i
i'm the worst version of myself
the worst version of me

i'm not afraid
of the consequeces i might face
need to step up my pace
if there's a will
and combine it with enough effort
you will surely get by

last night
i tried to wipe out all these fears inside
looks like
the more i hide, the more i can't get rid of it
Track Name: Data Girl (Philippine Violators)
met a girl this morning
never thought i will feel for her
coz when i first saw her face
she didn't bother to look at me
the way she dresses that bothers me
i think she came from high society
all those jewels, all those fancy things
made me scared to pull my strings

coz now ohh whoa
i don't know what to do
and I know whoa
i can't live without you ohh

got a chance to talk to her
found out that she's a real nice girl
all those jewels, all those things
doesn't mean a thing for her
but something happened
something's changed
she had to leave me for a change of phase
now i don't know just what to do
i found myself i'm crying too

she's my data girl, i will always love her